Friday, March 26, 2010

The Truth about Six Pack Abs Review- Start Building Today

Ok... So this is my #1 Choice for more reasons than one...

I highly recommend the Truth About Six Pack Abs. It’s got a lot of information, added features, and special bonuses that other products don’t have. But the thing I love best about this weight-loss program is that it puts much emphasis on full body workouts as opposed to just “spot reduction” or targeted exercises. It also has very enlightening information on nutrition and general eating habits that can truly make (or break) one’s diet.

The first time I saw the title cover online, I thought it’s another hyped-up gimmick everyone wants to talk about. But upon skimming through the sales page, something seemed unique about Mike Geary and his Truth About Six Pack Abs.

It was created by Michael Geary the author the #1 ranked Abdominal’s guide in the world. The program has been sold in 153 countries around the world to over 240,000 readers looking for the best 6 pack abs workouts.

Geary is a certified personal trainer who specializes in body fat reduction strategy. He is also a certified nutrition specialist with a BS degree. No need to doubt, this 149-page Guide is for everyone who seeks for a change. Whether you’re male, female, adult, or teen, Mike Geary gives you the best and truthful six pack program you’ve spent ages looking for.

Thankfully, food, bodybuilding supplements, and expensive workout equipment are not included in this guide. The only equipment I see is free weights, barbells and some cable wires.
There’s also full-color pictures (demonstrated by real humans, not caricatures or drawings) included in each training section. Just by following the steps and looking at the images, you’re giving your routine an advantage. I almost forgot to mention the bonuses you can get with your purchase. And hey, there are SEVEN bonuses included in the Six Pack Abs Program.

And the Score for this one:

Price - 5/5 Stars
Quality - 5/5 Stars
Effectiveness - 5/5 Stars
Ease of Use - 4/5
Support - 5/5

If you seriously want a solution for Loosing that belly fat and getting ripped abs fast!. I strongly recommend that you try The Truth about Six Pack Abs Today!

The Fat Burning Furnace Review- Shed off Unwanted Fat

This is my 2nd choice... The Fat Burning Furnace System is not really a abs program, although it does cover abs. Its more of a full fat burning program but well worth a mention.

I actually found Fat Burning Furnace to be quite refreshing. From its creative website interface to its product claims and pitches, I thought they marketed this product really well. The product itself lived up to my expectations. With just short but intense workouts 2 to 3 times a week, you get more than what your body needs to blast fat and sculpt your body into tiptop shape. You also greatly increase your metabolism.

The primary Fat Burning Furnace product is a 128-page guide that’s packed with insider fitness and nutrition secrets. It may seem daunting at first, but with its well-written content, extensive weight training and nutrition information, easy-to-understand lingo, and detailed pictures of every exercise, you’ll soon find yourself adapting easily to the tone and pace of the guide.

In addition to the main guide, you also get to enjoy various bonus features that will reinforce and add onto what you’ve learned.

The Score for this one:

Price - 4/5 Stars
Quality - 4/5 Stars
Effectiveness - 4/5 Stars
Ease of Use - 3/5
Support - 3/5

No Nonsense Six Pack Quest- Fat Loss System Review

This was one of the 1st programs that I tried.

The No Nonsense Six Pack Quest claimed to be an excellent workout plan that will help you burn unwanted fat and build washboard abs you’ve only seen in magazines. What I like about this program is that it’s all-natural and highly practical. You can effectively lose excess weight without having to buy any supplements, diet pills, or overly complicated exercise equipment. You get to enjoy insider secrets that lead thousands of Six Pack Quest users to shed pounds and gain solid muscle.

Vince DelMonte reveals himself as a perceptive fitness guru. His emphasis on self-confidence is frank, open and reliable. He doesn’t care who you are or where on earth you came from. To him, if you want a good physique and ripped abs, the success plan is all in your hands.

I enjoyed the guide but there’s just a few negative thing about it. The guide was thorough, but a little bit lenghthy and I wonder why Vince chooses to use black, red, orange and blue as font colors. Some people might immediately label it as “headache.” I personally would prefer to have the font color consistent. If there are important terms to remember, it would be nice if it were simply bolded or underlined.

And The Scrore for this one:

Price - 4/5 Stars
Quality - 3/5 Stars
Effectiveness - 3/5 Stars
Ease of Use - 3/5
Support - 3/5

Welcome to My Blog...

Hi, my name is Chuck

Ever since I was a teenager I have struggled with weight problems. I was insecure about it for years, until I stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided to go out and find ways to improve my body. I particularly wanted to have ripped abs (just something I always wanted), and so I focused on getting my abs right and the rest really just naturally fell into place.

When I started getting results, people always asks me, "What exercises exactly are you doing to lose belly fat so fast"... Here's a fact that most people don't understand... Getting a flat six pack stomach is not about ab machines, sit ups, weight loss pills, or even protein shakes...This is the big media push to get you to buy into a new miracle "overnight success" solution every month. There's no need for weight loss pills or ab workout machines.

After years of testing and trying out different products and programs, and spending hundreds no thousands of dollars... I finally found a program that could help me get great looking abs fast from home.

Im telling you, I tried a bunch of programs that failed. It got so bad that I seriously considered calling it quits and just deal with my fate. Then finally, I found 3 program that were all effective in their own right, but 1 stood out and above the rest.

I rated all 3 for you that you on the following criteria:

Ease of Use

I hope you can learn something from me here and more importantly, I hope you gain the same great results as I have.